Terms & Conditions

1. CLAIMS - Goods must be counted upon receipt. Cutting ticket is not proof of shortage. We are not responsible for any goods after garment dying. All claims or demands for defective merchandise must be made in writing by certified mail within 5 days of receipt goods. Failure to give such notice shall constitute unqualified acceptance and waiver of all such claims by buyer. Written return authorization is required by seller for returns. Any errors in items or price must be reported within 5 days.

2. TESTING OF GOODS - It is the buyer’s responsibility to test and sample the goods received before cutting or altering to meet specific requirements, performance standards, or applications especially for color-fastness, shrinkage, sewable, stretch, weight/yield, and general appearance. This fabric does not meet the flammability standards for childrens sleepwear. Absolutely no returns will be accepted or allowances made after goods have been cut or altered from original delivered form. Do not mix dye lots.

3. CASUALTIES - Goods delivered throughout common carriers or sent via parcel post are at the risk of buyer. In no event shall the seller be liable for loss of profits, late deliveries, damages for breach of contract by buyer, or other consequential or contingent losses.

4. WARRANTIES - Seller makes no warranty, either express or implied, of merchantability or of fitness of goods for any specific purpose unless expressly specified.

5. PAYMENT - Payments are due within time period specified on invoice, time being of the essence. Upon failure of the buyer to make timely payments, buyer agrees to pay any and all cost of collection and litigation, including but not limited to attorney fees and interest at the rate of 10% per month.

6. JURISDICTION - California has jurisdiction over any claim that arises from this transaction. Any dispute that arises from this ,transaction shall be goverened by laws of the State of California.

7. No Returns/Exchanges - We have an absolute no return and no exchange policy. Please request samples and or color card prior to ordering. Under no circumstance do we except a return or exchange.

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